Technology Weave_ja

Kindergarten & Year 1 Curriculum

Technology Weave

After completion of the Kindergarten program the student will be able to do all of the following:

  • Will be able to recognize a variety of technology tools
  • Will locate numbers, letters, and symbols on various technology tools
  • Will be proficient with “Mouse” skills (Point, click, double click, click and drag)
  • Will be good at Key-boarding, identifying the alphabets, the Space bar, the Enter key, the Numbers etc., (while using the correct posture)
  • Will have a good vocabulary (physical components of a computer system)
  • Will improve the TECH ability via the use of appropriate educational software such as Kid Math & English learning games
  • Will be able to use a “Paint” program to render lines, draw shapes such as Squares, Rectangles, Circles and Ovals and color them using the “Tools” and the palette box
  • Students learn to use the Paint program to draw shapes such as Squares, Rectangles, Circles and Ovals using the tools
  • Will become familiar with the “Keyboard” while learning the correct key-boarding posture and using the keyboard to type the letters of the alphabet

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