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We offer the best education at a reasonable cost. We provide a friendly and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. Our teachers are highly dedicated, motivated and family oriented.

The students are immediately rewarded for their effort. We have a very good collection of books and reference encyclopedias in the library.

Our educational games and tools are not just from one country but from around the world. The culture and lifestyles of other countries are introduced to the students thus helping them become global citizens.

The Little Angels International SchoolTM and The Little Angels World of Fun LogoTM are both registered Trade Marks in Japan. For more information see LAIS Trademarks and LAIS Communication Guidelines. The Cambridge Assessment International Education logo is copyrighted by Cambridge Assessment International Education and the STEM Education Coalition logo is proprietary to www.stemedcoalition.org. LAIS is registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education, the only exam board wholly owned by a world-leading university, the University of Cambridge.

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Jeevarani Angelina, Founder & President


Welcome to Little Angels International School (LAIS) and our redesigned web site. I hope that our existing student body and the parents (including those considering the school in future) will find the information on our revised website most helpful.

I started the school in 2002, with a very unique student population and, a very well qualified instructor group with a deep commitment to providing a balanced international education. Our origins were humble; starting from a small house and currently in a full fledged owned school building but with the sole mission of developing students equipped to succeed in a dynamic and international world while enjoying the process!

Our Mission Objectives are to:

  • Help the children to become life-long learners.
  • Help students of all ages to become self reliant and productive member of society.
  • Provide a well-balanced and excellent learning experience at an affordable cost.

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