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The Little Angels International School

…was first started as the Little Angels English Academy, which is the brain child of Jeevarani Angelina, known as Sanku Rani (Sanku is her husband’s Last Name), with a wide educational background (M.Com., MBA, I.C.W.A.). Rani’s work experience varies from being a Finance Executive in the Oil and Petroleum Industry, working for the Indian Embassy in Tokyo as an Investment Consultant, teaching Business Management at the Graduate schools of prestigious Universities and, most importantly, teaching Communicative English to Children through a very innovative curriculum!

As the mother of two boys, the challenge of living in Japan was to provide a good, focused and properly designed education curriculum for her children. The older son attended and graduated from a Japanese public primary school, while also learning English at home and supplementing his education through home schooling. He successfully transitioned to the American School in Japan starting in the middle school program. He has since completed his higher education abroad. The younger son joined a Japanese primary school, as a first grader in the year 2003 while continuing his English education at home and became capable of communication in both the languages, subsequently moving to an International Residential School in 2008 and successfully graduated in 2015.

The invaluable experience of teaching her own children the intricacies of the English Language, the various subjects (as part of home schooling and, also as an external student in an American school), while also keeping pace with the Japanese curriculum, has taught her a great deal about the educational requirements, the tenets of education and the methodology of carrying it out successfully. Primarily, this experience mainly highlighted the focus upon learning at different age levels, and, also about the choices that go with those decisions.

It must be emphasized that she has been involved in teaching English for children for more than a decade before she embarked on this adventure. Starting with voluntary work at the Musashino City International Cultural Exchange programs, to starting the English Program for Primary School children at the Seikei Primary School located in Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan, she discovered a very important need to provide focused learning and to retain the knowledge.

She started the Little Angels English Academy, in October 2002, with a simple goal of helping children cope with the changing social requirements, which focused entirely upon English Learning and the joys of communication.

Within months of starting her academy, several parents repeatedly requested her to start a full-time international kindergarten. At that stage, she had been active in social life in Japan for 14 years, widely traveled around Japan and many visits to different parts of the world which left a deep and positive impact upon her. One realization of this international life style was the fact that the parents of the current generation yearn to give their child an education opening up totally new horizons and giving a new outlook.

She established the Little Angels International Kindergarten in the spring of 2003. It is a well established fact that learning is easier when the children are young and with proper nurturing, lead the children become expert linguists later on. Her philosophy is to mold young children properly with the tenet of teaching them “how to think” rather than, “what to think” and, thereby provide a lasting foundation for life. Her mission is to ensure that this institution would serve to provide the first building blocks to make children grow and become future leaders in this world. Her experiences inspired her to start teaching English and also the various subjects in an innovative and interesting way with a multitude of texts from across the world, matching the needs of the children in an effective manner.

The recent economic, cultural and population changes in Japan emphasizes the need, more than ever before, for an ever increasing demand for a truly international education, involving critical thinking, logical constructs and bilingualism and more. This set the stage for the next stage in her mission, the advent of the Little Angels International School TM (Little Angels Gakuen K.K.) , in 2007. The dynamism of the school, the support of the society at large, and, the due recognition by local and international Media (TV, Radio and Magazines), all spurred the enrollment of children from various walks of life and different nationalities in the school. As there are a multitude of choices available for the educational curriculum, she merged the best possible curriculum from those used and presently available around the world.

In 2014, the Little Angels International School TM was officially accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education for Checkpoint Examinations, IGCSE and beyond. The graduands of the Little Angels International School may head anywhere in the world to live, learn and become creative and exemplary human beings serving the world.

Her education mission continues, her dream lives on, and, there are many more milestones to achieve. She will ensure that Little Angels continues to strive to be the foremost in providing international education and, to become the Institution of Excellence.

Rani, remains the President and the guiding force behind the school, it’s philosophy and the school curriculum as the Mentor, Coach and Leader.

Mitaka, Tokyo, 2015.

Little Angels International School TM is a registered trademark in Japan (All rights reserved.)

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