Middle School Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What curriculum does the Little Angels offer?
2. Does the school teach Japanese as a language?
3. Are there admission deadlines?
4. What kind of tests are administered for admission?
5. What are the backgrounds of the teachers?
6. Should the parents know/speak English to enroll the children at Little Angels?
7. What happens after the ninth grade?
8. Can the Little Angels Middle School children join Little Angels High school?
9. Can the parents visit the school and watch the children during their class?
10. What kind of physical education does the school provide?
11. Do the students go on educational trips?
12. Do the students receive any medical attention?
13. What kind of disciplinary action is taken in case of bullying or any other misbehavior?
14. What kinds of support is given to a slow learning student?

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