Jeevarani Angelina, Founder & President

Welcome to Little Angels International School (LAIS) and our redesigned web site. I hope that our existing student body and the parents (including those considering the school in future) will find the information on our revised website most helpful.

I started the school in 2002, with a very unique student population and, a very well qualified instructor group with a deep commitment to providing a balanced international education. Our origins were humble; starting from a small house and currently in a full fledged owned school building but with the sole mission of developing students equipped to succeed in a dynamic and international world while enjoying the process!

Our Mission Objectives are to:

  • Help the children to become life-long learners.
  • Help students of all ages to become self reliant and productive member of society.
  • Provide a well-balanced and excellent learning experience at an affordable cost.

As you click on the various links of our modified web site, you will see the efforts the teachers place on developing the content base, the various right brain development efforts, and not in the least, the sporting and other extra-curricular opportunities which are part of our holistic foundation design for education. We strongly believe that each student is a unique individual and we provide them with the opportunity to excel. The most successful students are those who learn to live a balanced life as evidenced by our curriculum.

As part of the Cambridge International Examinations worldwide, we have strong academic programs that are challenging and ultimately rewarding for our students. The examinations are globally recognized and lead to brilliant career opportunities.

My background in Management and the advent of Information Technology, easily lead me to create a Project Based Learning Methodology, and, by utilizing the Computer Aided Education (easily reflected in our classrooms where both the PC and the Smart-Board compete with the creative techniques of 'Pencil and Paper'), make learning at our school a truly nurturing and lasting experience.

The school's intranet and extranets infrastructure accessible via WiFi throughout the campus help every student from to use their own laptop computers (for the Elementary students, it is school provided laptops) for research and for the completion of school work. Our teachers integrate a wide range of applications in Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Language Arts, to ensure that the students are well prepared for the world of Technology.

Our Foundations clearly highlight our mission, methodology and framework and it complements with the Cambridge Learner Attributes, we are determined to make the Student become confident, engaged, innovative, reflective and responsible but with the added element of having fun while doing so (it is also enshrined in our World of fun Logo).

We emphasize International Education but we also follow the tradition of being part of our local community and celebrate all Japanese functions and events. We specially celebrate the Respect for the Aged day (which is an annual event) and many others during the year. It is enshrined in the school's belief and offerings that all learning is life-long. I have often referred to our community as the 'Little Angels family' as the connotation of the word 'family' is truly what the school represents. I want all the parents to be comfortable in approaching us anytime and kindly do give us your feedback.

Thank you for reading my brief introduction to the school. Please click on the links above and discover a world of fun.

Finally, let me end my diatribe with the words I always say: Nothing Is Impossible.


Jeevarani Angelina

July 2015


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