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LAIS School Health & Safety Policy:


Little Angels International School, is a school dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment. All our visitors are screened before entry. Only the parents and immediate family (previously identified) are allowed on campus during the school day. No other visitors will be allowed on campus, without prior approval, and this includes catering, external bodies etc. This policy will be enforced without exceptions.


When the student has a body temperature of more than one degree the student’s average, we advise the parents not to send the student to school in order to prevent the spread of any sickness.

The class/ school will be closed for three to five days, in cases where more than 20% of the class/ school are absent due to any sickness, and depending on the nature of the students’ sickness.

When the student comes down with the influenza, chickenpox or any other communicable illness, you are advised to keep him/ her at home in accordance with the government regulations and submit the school-prescribed medical certificate (available at the school office) duly signed by the doctor.

You are required to submit the doctor’s certificate in the prescribed form, if the student is absent for more than a week due to any kind of illness.

In case where the child has an infectious disease then you must submit a doctor’s certificate permitting his/ her attendance at school.

Kindly use this document as attached her or you may use the registered doctor’s certificate and send it with your child upon return.


In case of an emergency, the school is authorized to take the students, to the hospitals / clinics and also authorize the doctors of such hospitals/ clinics to administer medicines, under such emergency situations. The school will inform the parents in these situations.


In general, students at school must be healthy. However, we understand that in some cases of non-communicable diseases etc., the student may require prescribed medicines.

For those students who must be administered medication during the school day, the child’s parents (or guardians) are entirely responsible for notifying the school office and also the academic advisor and to supply both the medicine and the instructions for the same (this may at times also require a mandated copy of instructions from your doctor).


All the students entering each grade of the school must receive a health assessment. This assessment must include a medical history and physical examination with screening for vision and hearing.

The Health Assessment is to be made no earlier than three months prior to joining grade level and that requires that the results be recorded on a school medical form. It is the PARENTS’ RESPONSIBILITY to secure the health assessment for their student from the local health department or from a private registered medical practitioner.


Please ensure that all immunizations are undergone as per Japanese law. There are no exceptions to this rule. This is to ensure the safety of all the students in the school.


Students are not permitted to attend school in cases where he/ she suffers a communicable disease. When a student is suspected of having such communicable form of disease, it is the responsibility of the parent (or guardian) to take the student to the local health department or family physician for verification and treatment before that student can return to school and the parent (or guardian) must also submit the health clearance form (a copy of which is available at the school office).


In case of inclement weather, the parents should follow the information broadcast by the National Television Broadcast (NHK) or Radio transmissions (NHK). However, weather conditions sometimes worsen during the day, after the students have arrived at school and in such an event, the school may be dismissed early. As a school, the safety and well-being of the students, faculty and staff is of the utmost importance. Kindly exercise appropriate caution when traveling to and from school during inclement weather conditions. Makeup for days missed will be determined as and when the need arises. Parents will be notified in advance of the schedule for makeup days, if any.


In line with Government and other Statutory requirements, we undertake Evacuation drills once a semester, and during these drills, the parents must come to the specified Evacuation center (location map found at end of this document) and pick up the students as notified.


The parents are advised to pick up their students in the places marked in the map below.

Little Angels International School:
Evaluation Center:

Mitaka Campus: Shimorenjaku Takanokojido Koen



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