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LAIS Social Responsibility


The core values of Little Angels are listed here

The LAIS in principle believes that character education is an essential and inescapable mission of schools and, it helps the students develop excellence of both mind and character. With the given assertion that moral wisdom exists in great literature, works of art, history, mathematics, and science, the school curricula tends to inspire students to want to internalize virtues such as integrity, compassion, courage, and self-discipline, by living responsibly and nurturing leadership.

As part of social responsibility, LAIS has several social interaction programs during the academic year.

  • A. LAIS Festival: The school festival marks the start of community involvement. All parents and children in the neighborhood (and local schools) are welcomed to the school premises to participate in the festivities. Food, shows, drama and student games and activities mark the highlighted aspects. This is one manner the school reciprocates the favors shown on the local city residents.
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  • B. LAIS Halloween Party: The school celebrates Halloween every year with a march in the surrounding areas, complete with masks and tricks and treats as well. Many people from the neighborhood also join in for a truly festive occasion.
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  • C. The Christmas Party every year is another public event when folks from all over the city are welcome. The school sponsors live shows and sweets distribution and even gifts from Santa. This is the most popular event in the year. The school shows it’s gratitude by being generous in offering gifts to all.
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  • D. Every year, LAIS celebrates Respect for the Aged Day, by inviting many aged parents/ grandparents to the school to be felicitated. Gifts are showered, smiles are exchanged and friendship is fostered. Many of the local seniors are invited as well. Respect for all is enshrined in our belief.

At least once a year, the school staff does encourage and also accompany the middle school students to various old age homes/ nursing homes and, entertain the residents with drama, music, costume dressing, singing and giving gifts (some of which are hand-made by the students themselves). This effort enables extreme compassion amongst the students and builds upon relationships and gives motivation to a generation which fathered the present.

E. The staff and the members of Little Angels strongly believe that helping to protect the environment is important for the future of our children. To ensure this aspect, we have set ourselves environmental goals that work together with our social, educational and economic objectives. We try not to use paper for communication purposes as far as possible and promote the use of email and web notification for communication purposes. The concept of Recycling is another aspect which we actively promote and adhere to in our efforts. The three Rs of ecological conservation and preservation are known to every student and staff member as well. In fact every project undertaken must live upto the 3Rs.

Little Angels International School is the concept of a model curriculum which was developed by taking the best of many curricula around the world and taking the best to higher levels. In order to meet the requirements of an international mindset, it provides a rather unique opportunity for children to learn and experience a true international life. However, it also teaches Japanese and Chinese at a native level so that the culture and benefits of the host nation and the most spoken language are also fostered. As of December, 2014, LAIS is an accredited Cambridge International School and furthers the aims and objectives of social responsibility to a higher level.


In order to foster international relations and bridging the gap, the students visit other schools overseas to experience international living, to live and partake in the culture, food and customs. The students also visit famous monuments and other places of tourist interest.

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