Social Media Guideline

Information Technology, Social Media and related appropriate guidelines.

1. Use of Technology and student responsibility:

The use of information technology at Little Angels International School (hereinafter referred to as “LAIS”) is focused on educational purposes. These devices can also be used for personal and recreational purposes and it is important that students are aware of the expectations for the use of technology while at school. In KG/ Elementary school, the students’ behavior is guided by clearly articulated expectations, but in Middle/ High school, the students must make wise decisions about their own behavior, using common sense and as a responsible member of the LAIS family. Students should be aware that these expectations apply to any device used at school even those not provided by the school, such as mobile phones/ personal owned computers etc.

LAIS students must remember that the proper usage of technology should never cause pain, fatigue or other physical or mental ailments. The school recommends that instead of watching videos and/ or surfing the web, reading a good book or talking with friends and teachers is a better choice which incidentally also helps in framing arguments, problem solving and builds friendships.

As part of the LAIS IT policy, students should not:

  • View or install inappropriate content;
  • Engage in gambling/ investing/ conduct sales;
  • Bypass or attempt to bypass network guidelines with proxies or Internet access devices;
  • Attempt to hack or modify other student accounts or official school files or accounts;
  • Engage in any illegal activities, including possessing or sharing pirated software or applications.

School-licensed software should also not be copied or removed from the PCs. All students are expected to obey the intellectual property rules and copyright laws, as well as the LAIS student Email Guidelines, including not sharing or using others’ email accounts or passwords, and not engaging in conversation or activities (such as sending pictures) that may inflame, agitate, or offend others. All students are prohibited from using peer-to-peer file-sharing software, such as “BitTorrent”, which is primarily used to download illegal content and could jeopardize the internet access for all members of the LAIS family. Likewise, hacking and the installation of malicious software on any device used at school are specifically banned.

We encourage and appreciate taking photographs or videos during a lesson or as part of a school club for learning or a means of reflection, but all the students are expected to respect individual privacy. Photos and videos of teachers or other students or work in the classroom should only be taken after permission has been sought and granted by the person or members in the photograph. It is essential that students should make it clear what the intended use of the photograph will be. Photos and videos should never be posted on social media or online without permission of the person / people in the photograph.

2. Social Media Policy Guidelines:

A. Students (and their parents):

LAIS expects all the students and their parents to safely and respectfully make the most of Social Media, both within and outside school hours. The term social media is given to the use of web sites and other on-line and off-line facilities, which allow the opportunity of sharing valuable information – text, images and audio on social networking, video sharing, blogs, micro-blogging, message boards, wikis and social bookmarking etc.

At LAIS, digital behavior on social media is deemed to be identical to real life behavior within or outside the school. Note that pressing an “upload” button is very simple and the information is published on-line but it can prove to be rather difficult or at times impossible to delete.

We request our students and their parents to think again carefully when posting something inappropriate on social media.

Some social media guidelines:

  • Students and their parents must show due respect to society and the school at all times to both on-line and offline comments;
  • Do not post slanderous, obscene or insulting comments against anyone;
  • Do not view, post or download illegal, or degrading material;
  • Do not post overheard / private conversations without permission of all those involved;
  • Do not post work, thoughts or opinions of others without permission;
  • Do not log into, explore, change nor create other students and staff password protected environments.
  • If you wish to post on a blog or community chat/ board, please take permissions from the school and the person(s) you may wish to mention. You must always remember that Little Angels International School, the name and our school motto etc. are all copyrighted under Japan Law. Illegal usage is prohibited strictly.
  • Under the social media guidelines, even after a student leaves LAIS (graduated/ moved or simply dropped out), they are bound to maintain strict confidentiality about all the aspects of school life. This applies to the student’s parents as well.

When any inappropriate use of social media has been discovered, the school administration should be informed immediately and further steps will be taken by the school. Note that violation of these rules may result in suspension or even expulsion. The school reserves the right to the use of name and properties under the legal provisions granted.

Social media safety precautions:

  • Do protect your personal information by double-checking the privacy settings on social media.
  • Ensure that you always log out from web sessions or media applications after you are finished.
  • Protect all your devices with different passwords.
  • Where applicable ensure that the automatic locks on your devices are enabled by default
  • Do not share your passwords (for any site or application) with anyone else.
  • Kindly do not share school mail contents with any third parties.
  • Do not open emails or messages that do not look authentic or are sent by people you do not know. (School mails are always sent from: xxxx[at], where xxxx may a school representative or school parents)
  • Any or all important announcements are sent via email from school; when it is public information, it may be posted on the school bulletin board.

Regarding identity theft, bullying, stalking:

We beseech our students and their parents to:

  • Never give out any passwords;
  • Never give personal details on-line – addresses, telephone numbers and holiday / vacation plans;
  • Never meet with someone you only know on-line;
  • Never post photographs of yourself or others on-line in an unprotected environment;
  • Never use derogatory/ demeaning words on social media;
  • Students must always inform their parents and the Head of School, if something untoward does happen.

B. Social media guidelines for Teachers/ Staff:

  • (1) Teachers / Staff must always show restraint when using social media and separate their private life from school life by customizing their privacy settings plus avoid publishing inappropriate personal information – even if the settings are private as they have no control over the setting of their friend’s accounts.
  • (2) Teachers / Staff are personally responsible for anything they publish.
  • (3) On education or school related matters/ issues, Teachers / Staff need to be clear whether they publish in a personal capacity or on behalf of the school.
  • (4) School administrators, teachers and executives are always a representative of the school.
  • (5) Teachers / Staff of the school may not publish any confidential information on social media.
  • (6) Teachers / Staff must not argue with a student or parent on social media.
  • (7) All staff must be aware that publications on social media are always discoverable.
  • (8) When inappropriate use of social media is discovered the Head of school should be informed immediately.
  • (9) Due respect is to be shown both on-line and off-line to all students, parents and other teachers/ staff of LAIS.

C. School Media Policy guidelines:

  • A) The school requests parental permission from all the students regarding sharing of their pictures or videos on social media (may include the media / press/ TV/ Radio/ Concerts / Social media etc.) Only those pictures/ videos of students from whom we have received due permissions, shall be used in school media postings.
  • B) The school reserves the right to use the photographs / videos/ artwork / crafts which picture the students or their work, in the due promotion of the school. (Note this follows guideline 1 above.)
  • C) All the school postings in any form – digital, print or audio/ video will be made in accordance with the standard acceptable practices as deemed necessary for marketing and sales promotion.
  • D) The school will respect the rights of parents, students and the general community at large and will make every effort to avoid conflict / negativity in social media postings.
  • E) The school permits parents to visit and take pictures of students whilst at school or other premises. However, we request that when other students are in the same picture frame or video, they seek due permission of parents and the school before posting on social media; when in doubt, kindly ask our school administration to clarify.
  • F) The school requests all the students and parents to show due respect both on-line and off-line to all the students, parents and other teachers/ staff of LAIS.
  • G) The school will also respect the feelings of students, parents, teachers and the staff at school.
  • H) The school will take suitable measures to check each official post to be made on social media before granting permission for posting.