President’s Desk

The President’s Desk…

Dear Parents,


We are reaching the close of the Spring session and we hope you had a great start in 2019.

We had our Ski Trip this semester filled with various activities and plenty of learning opportunities.

We will complete our semester with a Fine Arts celebration and performance which will be the highlight of the semester. Do come and see your child be a part of the world of creativity.

As you are aware, our senior students have set out on the path towards higher level examinations which commence at the end of April and stretch until early June 2019. We wish them the very best in their endeavors. Exams are held during the Golden Week holidays and it is exciting.

As always, we follow our own motto: Nothing Is Impossible. We expect your children to also believe that…

We request you all to support our school further so that we may make a perceptible and outstanding impact on society. We are holding monthly Orientation for new students. Do spread the word and introduce our school to all. Your promotion and positive contribution will help us grow and ensure our school reaches lofty heights.

Have a lovely spring break and enjoy the lovely Cherry Blossoms….

Thanks in advance and warm regards,


12th March 2019.

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