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LAIS – Middle School Sample Study Schedule

Schedule Y7, Y8 & Y9
Assembly 8:30-8:45
First Period 8:45-9:30
Second Period 9:35-10:20
Morning recess 10:20-10:30
Third Period 10:30-11:15
Fourth Period 11:20-12:05
Lunch Break 12:05-12:50
House Keeping 12:50-13:00
Fifth Period 13:00-13:45
Sixth Period 13.50-14:35
Seventh Period 14:40-15:25
Special study (if deemed necessary) (15:40-16:30)
Dispersal 15:30
*Please check with the School for the latest time schedule.

Schedules of study

  1. Students will have a minimum of 5 free periods to do research and self study in a week. Each self study period lasts 45 minutes.
  2. Some subjects may have two periods clubbed together.
  3. A days and B days alternate and length of periods will vary well (45-60 minutes to a block). More details will be uploaded soon.
  4. Community Service is set at a minimum of 15 hours of activities in an academic year. As an example some of these activities may include –
    • Helping in a home for the aged
    • Cooking and giving meals for the homeless
    • Help the kindergartners with their learning
    • Serving as assistants to teachers and organizing the classroom
Note: The school reserves the right to make any changes, if deemed necessary…

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