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(中学校-課外活動) ご参照のみ

Club & Extracurricular activities contribute to a well-rounded educational experience. The following is just a sample of the types and details about them.

Club Activities Year Details
そろばん Y7, Y8, Y9 To master the use of a mechanical calculating device.
コンピューター・プログラミング/ グラフィックス Y8, Y9 To learn about advanced computer programming concepts / or learning to create graphics and more.
学校の楽団 Y8, Y9 To be part of the school band and showcase the self and the school.
音楽-トランペット/ ギタ Y7 Towards fostering the use of musical instruments.
舞踊 Y7, Y8, Y9 To learn about the expression of emotions, logic and controlled feelings.
写真クラブ Y7, Y8, Y9 To leave a visual history behind.
ロボット工学 Y8, Y9 To go where no machine has gone before.

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