MS Extra Curricular

Middle School Tentative Extracurricular Subs

Club & Extracurricular activities contribute to a well-rounded educational experience. The following is just a sample of the types and details about them.

Club Activities Year Details
Abacus Y7, Y8, Y9 To master the use of a mechanical calculating device.
Computer Programming/ Graphics Y8, Y9 To learn about advanced computer programming concepts / or learning to create graphics and more.
Music Band Y8, Y9 To be part of the school band and showcase the self and the school.
Music – Trumpet/ Guitar Y7 Towards fostering the use of musical instruments.
Dance Y7, Y8, Y9 To learn about the expression of emotions, logic and controlled feelings.
Photography club Y7, Y8, Y9 To leave a visual history behind.
Robotics Y8, Y9 To go where no machine has gone before.

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