Kindergarten & Year 1 Curriculum


After completion of the kindergarten program the student:

  • Will recognize, count, order, write, and read numbers 0-20
  • Will identify, describe, and extend simple patterns
  • Will understand the concepts such as “More than” “Less than” and “Equals”
  • Will extend a pattern
  • Will count objects
  • Will also count orally up to the number 200 (rote counting)
  • Will identify the basic shapes
  • Will classify and sort objects by shape, size, and color (these also include interlocking cubes, pattern blocks, block puzzles, and the child explores how shapes can be combined to make other shapes).

The children play mathematical games where they count, combine, and compare amounts. The children also learn to resolve numerical combinations (e.g. 6 is 3 and 3, or 2 and 3 and 1).

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