LAIS orientation September 2016

Welcome to LAIS Orientation & Open School day [2017-2018]

Program Orientation Day Open School & Orientation Day
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Main Theme Pre-school, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School & High School
admissions – Orientation day & Open School day
Venue Little Angels Mitaka Main Campus
Period Schedule
Mon, 5th September, 2016
Orientation Session
@Mitaka Main Campus 5th Floor
2PM-2:30PM General School Information
2:45PM-3:30PM Explanations for
KG / ES /MS / HS
3:30PM-4PM Q&A session
Fri, 14th October, 2016
Open School View
@Mitaka Main Campus
9:30AM-12:00 Open School
Post Open School Orientation
(only if there is sufficient interest)
2:30PM-3PM Q&A session
Details A detailed explanation about the school, presentation about the programs and a list of expected outcomes and the finer points about Education. We encourage you to look around the school, learn about our programs and discover the World of Fun at Little Angels. Parents and siblings are welcome to watch and observe. Orientation, if required will be held in the afternoon.
Audience Parents / Guardians and potential students
Additional Details:
Eligible Student Age(s)
(Revised from 2016)
Preschool (1&1/2-3 year olds)Kindergarten (3-5 year olds)Elementary school (above 5 years) [Year 1 upwards]Middle School (above 11 years) [Year 7 upwards]High School (above 14 years) [Year 10 upwards]
Note: Children are admitted based upon ability and age.
Fees Attendance is free of cost.
Reservations Prior reservations are not required.
For further inquiries: Little Angels International School
9-7-14, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0013
Tel: 0422-57-6887
Fax: 0422-57-8306

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