HS Subject Details

High School Subjects:

Students in Year 10 / Year 11 take the IGCSE examinations of the CAIE.

Students in Year 12 take the International AS levels and Year 13 taken the International A level examinations.

IGCSE Core / Extended Curriculum:

1. English
2. Japanese
3. Mathematics
4. Coordinated Science (may cover Biology, Physics and Chemistry)
5. Social Studies (History or Geography)

Optional Subjects:

6. Physical Education
7.Information & Communication Technology
8. Mandarin as a foreign language
9. Arts: (Music, Drama, Painting, Drawing, Photography & Sculpture)

Our teachers serve as role models, collaborating with peers, pursuing professional development and bringing their singular interests and talents to our joint community. We expect your cooperation in making this happen. The content is based upon the CAIE recommendations and may be changed if deemed necessary. Thank you.

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