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LAIS – High School Sample Study Schedule

Schedule Y10–Y13
Assembly 8:30-8:45
First Period 8:45-9:30
Second Period 9:35-10:20
Morning recess 10:20-10:30
Third Period 10:30-11:15
Fourth Period 11:20-12:05
Lunch Break 12:05-12:50
House Keeping 12:50-13:00
Fifth Period 13:00-13:45
Sixth Period 13.50-14:35
Seventh Period 14:40-15:25
Special study (if deemed necessary) (15:40-16:30)
Dispersal 15:30
*Please check with the School for the latest time schedule.

Additional Study Measures

  1. Students will have a minimum of 5 free periods per week to do research and self study in a week. Each self study period lasts 45 minutes.
  2. Students will have access to Teachers for one-on- one sessions for one period each week. They need to arrange with the teacher for the time.
  3. Some subjects may have two periods clubbed together.
  4. Community Service is set at a minimum of 15 hours of activities in an academic year. As an example some of these activities may include –
    • Helping in a home for the aged.
    • Cooking and giving meals for the homeless.
    • Help the kindergartners with their learning.
    • Serving as assistants to teachers and organizing the classroom.
Note: The school reserves the right to make any changes, if deemed necessary…

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