High School

Welcome to the Little Angels High School!

The High School is divided into Post Secondary and Senior High Divisions. Post Secondary covers the Year10, Year11; whereas, the Senior High includes Year12 and Year13.

The Post Secondary students take the IGCSE examinations and the Senior High students take the International A/AS levels.

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For the benefit of our prospective IGCSE candidates and their Parents/Guardians, please read the information available at the following link about the requirements and benefits:


For the benefit of our International A/AS level candidates and their Parents/Guardians, please read the following file about the requirements and benefits of the program:


At the end of your Senior High school, choosing a university program is a very important decision. Most students will need to think about the type of university, the student is most interested in, the location of the university, the choice of subjects, the various activities on offer, and the cost of attending the university.

The link below is about pursuing further education in Australia:


The link below is about pursuing further education in Germany:


The link below is about pursuing further education in the UK:


The link below is to help you take up further study in the USA:


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