Role of the Directors:

The role of the Board of Directors and the School’s governance policies are set out in detail in the Little Angels International School – Governance Policy. The following is a summary of the same.

The role of the Directors is primarily strategic and they decide upon the purpose and the overall goals of the school and also set a framework for their eventual implementation and completion as per goals set. Their key responsibilities are to:

  • Set suitable aims and objectives
  • Set a budget which allows the school to fulfill its purpose
  • Appoint the senior leadership team
  • Agree upon the policies, targets and priorities
  • Monitor and review the performance of the school

The Directors also act, both individually and as a group, as an advisory body to the senior leadership of the school, providing support and challenge by:

  • Providing support and constructive advice
  • As a listener and to serve as a second opinion for ideas
  • Seeking information with which to improve upon proposals
  • To challenge and ask important questions

The Directors, together with the senior leadership team, are committed to open communication with parents, staff, and the wider community, to the extent that it is possible without damaging the school’s future. At least once a year, the Board and the senior leadership team will hold an open meeting for parents and staff to discuss the manner in which the school has been, and is to be, conducted.

The Board and the senior leadership team may also carry out a survey of parents, and of all staff at least once every two years, to obtain views on the way in which the school is perceived to be operating. There is no obligation for the Board to report the findings of such surveys.

Composition of the Board

The Board consists of a minimum of three permanent Directors and a maximum of ten members which may include Additional Directors. The Board seeks an appropriate balance of parents and other members of the international community with specific skills and experience that will benefit the school. While permanent Directors serve without any term ending, the Additional Directors may serve in office for a normal term of five years, with a further extension of five years each upon re-election by the Board. However, there are no additional directors at present.

All decisions regarding the appointment, extension of term of office and removal of an Additional Director, are made by a majority of all other Directors. All other decisions are made by a majority vote of Directors, with the Chair having a casting vote in the event of a tie. Note that a Director doesn’t have a right of veto. All board decisions are reached by consensus and are unanimous.

The Directors

Jeevarani Angelina (Ms.) Chairperson & Founding Director

Fujita (Mr.) Advisory & Compliance Director

The Chair of the Board of Directors is Jeevarani Angelina.

The Chair, Vice Chairs and other individual Directors can also be contacted through the school mail: school[at]angelsenglish[dot]com


There are usually 6 regular meetings of the full Board during a fiscal year (a meeting in each trimester, and normally 2 to 3 additional ad hoc meetings during the year. Sub-committee meetings may be held before each regular full Board meeting.

The LAIS Governance Policy serves as the guidance document to ensure proper governance of the School.

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