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Welcome to Little Angels International School / Kindergarten & English Academy.

International School & Kindergarten Policies:

Our school’s admissions deadlines are based upon twice a year enrollment and you may consult the relevant pages for details and information regarding Pre-school / Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and, High School admissions procedures and more.

For English Academy Admissions policy see part 2 of this document.

It is important that the potential student (and his / her parent / guardian) keep the following in mind:

  • A) All applicants must have an interest in our mission, belief, methodology and our philosophy;
  • B) All applicants must reveal a demonstrated ability to succeed within our curriculum;
  • C) All applicants must also possess an appropriate level of English language proficiency;*1
  • D) All applicants should be sufficiently mature, posses a good moral ability;
  • E) And for continued enrollment at the school, must maintain at the bare minimum, a satisfactory academic progress.*2
  • *1: For those students deemed to have insufficient English Language proficiency, the school has a special Intensive English Course (IEC) program which must be taken as part of the school curriculum in order to meet the requirement.
  • *2: For the academic progress requirements, please contact the school, to ascertain the grading system and process.

We understand that for your child / ward, selection of a school is a very crucial and important decision, and it is a process that should be carefully though out. Our application process is a very comprehensive and clear method for the applicant’s family and also for us to ensure an appropriate match between the applicant and our mission and objectives, as well as the applicant’s family and our school community as well. The school reserves the right to accept or reject the student without giving any formal reasons.

Application Deadlines:

We have an admission process (please see KG, ES, MS or HS for details) where our intake of students are in September or April each year.

KG admissions are held twice a year and you are welcome to join anytime. Pre-School / Kindergarten students will be taught entirely in English and no other language is permitted in the program.

For ES, MS and HS, our ‘Cambridge’ Year study starts in September but we are open to April admissions as well. Some conditions do apply. Please contact us for more information.

We also accept applications at all times of the year, and students can enroll at any time, depending on availability, through Year 8 [Cambridge] (Grade 7 / M2), provided you meet certain conditions such as previous evidence of study in a similar environment (or attending IB, CIE, or American Systems etc), demonstrated evidence of English ability and other requirements.

F students interested in completing the Cambridge International Examinations Program, we recommend that all high school students must enroll no later than the beginning of Year 10, and, also must pledge to complete their High School program at Little Angels International School.

Grade / Year Placement:

Students are typically placed in the grade / year with their age level peers provded they meet the peer ability median levels (as determined by the school). However, within three months from the start of the student’s placement, the grade / year level is again reviewed to confirm the appropriateness for the student academically, socially, and emotionally. Any changes will be intimated to the parent / guardian for acceptance in the program (as deemed necessary).

Transfer Students: Conditional Admission Acceptance:

Conditional Admission Acceptance (pending an interview) may be also be considered (provided vacant slots are available) for those students applying from outside Japan (Transfer Students), thereby waiving the need for an interview / placement examinations prior to granting official admission. Such conditional acceptance may be possible if the student meets certain conditions as follows:

  • 1. The student candidate is an “English Speaking Student”;
  • 2. The student candidate is relocating from a country where the predominant language is English, or attends an accredited, international school with a US-based, Cambridge or IBO curriculum (or equivalent curriculum where applicable).
  • 3. The student candidate is transferring from a school in which English is the medium of instruction and also provides at least 3 years of school records without mention of any academic concern, or, reveals standardized testing (within past 6 months of application date) showing scores in the average to above average range;
  • 4. The student candidate has received no remedial instruction or special educational services;
  • 5. The student candidate has submitted all the required documents;
  • 6. The student candidate has paid the application fees and registration fee;
  • 7. The student candidate has met the Little Angels International School prescribed requirements in other aspects (health, emotional and psychological etc)

Intensive English Course (IEC):

In the ES, MS programs, in order to facilitate and accommodate whose students who may be qualified in terms of logical ability, basics on math / science and general awareness etc., but do not possess the appropriate level of English language proficiency, the Little Angels IEC (Intensive English Course) Program provides a complete, comprehensive and coherent program to learn, read and write English. It is important to note that the Little Angels Preschool / Kindergarten programs are held entirely in English and provide a proper and excellent foundation in English.

Admissions are provided in Es, MS and HS (starting in 2016) programs to those students who have no other options in learning in an International Environment. The likely students may include local residents, Japanese citizens or others who demonstrate a desire and need for an international education. The CIE standards are quite high and hence there is no provision for IEC support for students entering after Year 7. However, some support in Year 8/9 may be considered in special cases for those students who provide evidence of previous English learning in Japan or overseas (example returnees from overseas etc.,).

Our Educational Objectives:

  • 1. WE instill the love of learning in children!
  • 2. WE encourage the children to use their imagination and creativity to satisfy their curiosity and eagerness to learn.
  • 3. WE make the children realize that language is very valuable and necessary when communicating with others.
  • 4. WE encourage the development of positive social relationships.
  • 5. WE provide sufficient opportunities for the children to experience success, thus increasing their self-confidence.

Our Belief:

We believe that every student is a unique individual, and as such has a different learning style and personality.

Learning Challenges:

In line with our belief, we provide the opportunity for every single student to succeed. We do have trained teachers who work across the school programs and classes to provide support and guidance.

We are very supportive and include as many students as possible within our limitations of staff and availability of time. We also expect our student’s parents to be honest and forthcoming with any and all information regarding the physical, emotional, social and academic development of their child. This helps us in planning better learning systems tailored for the individual. Kindly note we do not have the resources or support from any other body (private or government funded) and hence that not all requests may be honored or dealt with and we hope for your kind understanding.

Little Angels Curriculum:

The Little Angels curriculum is uniquely blended to create the perfect balance of various learning objectives. We are committed to developing and nurturing academic skills, and human skills in each student.

Student Progress & Academic Review:

The student must demonstrate a regular and continued attendance at LAIS/ LAIK and work diligently and patiently to improve.

In line with our curriculum, we believe in educating children with academic progress, attitude, attendance and behavior development. We expect that the student demonstrate satisfactory progress in order to continue to be enrolled at the school. While the academic reports (including life skills reports) are mailed or notified at the end of each semester, all the enrolled students are continuously being evaluated throughout the year. For those students who meet the criteria of academic merit, life skill ability exceeding their peer group, the reward may be acceleration to higher grade / year (as the case may be), depending upon the availability of places, and, subject to the student and the parent / guardian’s approval.

In cases where the student’s progress is deemed unsatisfactory, the school will send out mid-semester notification to parents / guardians for remedial action to be taken jointly. In the worst case scenario, the school may reconsider the initial placement made, and/ or a student may be retained in the same Grade / Year (and, he / she may not advance to the next grade in the following school year.)

For further inquiries or clarifications kindly Contact Us.

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English Academy Policies (English Lessons, Math Lessons, General)

English Lessons:

Little Angels Academy’s role and strategies (towards creating the right environment suitable to Japanese children for learning English):

Teacher Strategies:

  • 1. To boost the child’s confidence in learning another language by eliminating shyness and by providing the right hand of motivation;
  • 2. To create the desire in the minds of the students to learn English;
  • 3. To make learning English an interesting process through the use of games, songs and other innovative and lively teaching methods;
  • 4. To create the environment to encourage the children to think in English while using English;
  • 5. To help the children understand that English printed has a meaning and that the written texts have a structure and a clear purpose.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • 1. To realize all the importance of learning English as the link language for International Understanding;
  • 2. To enjoy learning English in a relaxed environment thereby, opening a whole new world of literature and personal communication skills;
  • 3. To help differentiate between Rote-Learning and Analytical Thinking.

Math Lessons:

  • 1. The primary objective of these lessons are to improve Arithmetic skills in children aged 5-13.
  • 2. The focus is upon making the learning easy, fun-filled and to inculcate a love for Mathematics.
  • 3. Use of short cut mechanisms in solving problems, improved the ease of operations, and, the methods used in Indian Math skills are some of the primary objectives.
  • 4. For those children who wish to also improve or learn English, the learning and usage of Math to encourage the language development is utilized to good effect.

English Academy policies in general:


The student is expected to follow all the rules and regulations of Little Angels.

Kindly express you intent to join our program via admissions page, calling us directly or visit us.

Little Angels believes that every student is a unique individual, and as such has a different learning style and personality.

Lessons are held as per the EA Calendar (see link), and may be held at either the Main Campus or the Station Campus depending upon the day of the week.

While there are no given criteria for entry to these programs but for the desire to learn and excel in the selected course, the preliminary interview process helps the Academy to identify the strengths of the student and the desire in learning. This helps the Academy to better tailor the teacher strategies to ensure proper learning outcomes.

The selected students will be placed in the appropriate age group for learning. The student must participate willing fully in the class work and also complete all given homework assignments on time.

Progress is intimated at the end of each year and a completion certificate is presented.

The Academy makes no guarantee about the level of performance of a student at the and of the program completion, as it does not carry out any standardized testing metrics.

For further inquiries or clarifications kindly Contact Us.

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