Kindergarten & Year 1 Curriculum

Art – Fine Motor Skills Development

After completion of the Kindergarten program the student will be able to do all of the following:

  • Will hold a pencil, crayon, or a paintbrush correctly
  • Will become familiar with the basic art materials
  • Will explore basic design elements such as texture, color, line, shape, space, balance, contrast, rhythm, movement and repetition
  • Will begin to develop good drawing and painting skills
  • Will experiment with paper and clay
  • Will appreciate art activities using a variety of materials
  • Will experiment with tearing, cutting, and pasting
  • Will begin exploring two and three dimensional materials and learn techniques, thus approaching art projects creatively
  • Will respect the working and thinking space of other children
  • Will use the tools properly and safely
  • Will respond to stories, nature, environment, imagination, and memory (Tracing a pattern, Cutting along a line, Folding paper)

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