President’s Desk

From the President’s Desk…

Dear Parents / Guardians,

How are you all?


The last term of this year has started well and we have so many things to look forward to and to make it a memorable year.
We are excited about the upcoming programs: Fine Arts Day. Project Day and and our Annual Festival which is a much celebrated event.
The Fine Arts Day is on May 26 and we look forward to seeing you all at the venue. There are many interesting programs and it will be an exciting morning. We request you to bring your family along to enjoy the spirit of the students.
On Saturday, 10th of June, 2017, the school will hold an Orientation Day for the benefit of parents who are interested in pursuing an International education of excellence and to further the same. Kindly spread the word around and help us grow our school. It really is something only you can do for us to help us grow further.
I take this opportunity to thank the children, their parents and the PTA for your sponsorship and support over the years.


May 18th 2017 / Tokyo.

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