President’s Desk

From the President’s Desk…

Dear Parents / Guardians,

How are you all?

We have finished our second semester and it was a fun filled time.
Our students had a good ski-trip and the school also held the annual endurance run. Currently, the teachers are in the review phase before our Spring break.
Last week, we held a Career Day event for the MS/HS students but we also invited the ES students and it was a fruitful discussion and learning. The students posed very interesting questions and are a bit more aware of life in the Medical field.
On the 6th anniversary of the Quake in Sendai/ Fukushima, we remember the difficult times all of us faced in Japan and the challenges that yet remain. We held a moment of silence today as a sign of respect for the departed souls.
In April, we once again look forward to seeing you all in the third semester which is filled with fun and learning. We have several interesting events to look forward to such as our Project Day, Fine Arts Day and our Festival which is a much celebrated event.
I wish to thank our teachers who have made our school an institution of excellence!
As a school, we need to increase our student strength and I request each and everyone of you to put in a positive word and spread our school’s values in society. It really is something only you can do for us to help us grow further.
I take this opportunity to thank the children, their parents and the PTA for your sponsorship and support over the years.


March 11th, 2017 / Tokyo.

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