ES Fees

Elementary School Fee Details

Application Forms 1,080
Interview/Test 27,000
Fees for the academic year
New student Entrance Fee (Onetime payment at entry to Elementary School admission. This is required irrespective of KG entrance payment)
(*1 Please see note below)
Tuition Fee (Yearly) (*2 Please see note below) 805,368
Material Fee (Yearly) 40,885
Maintenance Fee (Yearly) 59,142
Building Fund (Once at entry to Elementary School) 200,880
Retention fee (*3 Please see note below) 100,000
ELS Fees (*4 Please see note below) If required
All the amounts above are in Yen (円) and Japan consumption tax is included. Latest update August 2016.

Please consult the office about payment schedules and bank transfer details

Little Angels Kindergarten students are permitted to skip the interview process.
“Family” Discount is available: A second child gets a 1% discount on the tuition fee (Kindly do inform us at the time of formal application).
*1 New Student Entrance Fee: 291,600 yen (233,280 yen for students who have attended at least three (3) consecutive years in the Little Angels Kindergarten).

Please note that under no circumstance will this fee be refunded.

Material Fee does not include the cost of text books & note books.

Application forms may be obtained from the School Admissions Center.

Kindly submit your application forms by the deadline for the session.
See ES admissions notification for deadlines.


(a) For the students joining LAIS ES in September: (Main Admission Session) ++A

The yearly tuition fee may be paid in three (3) equal installments within the academic year. Each installment is 268,456 yen.

First payment is due in July – for the following four months (September, October, November and December), followed by the second payment in November – for the four months (January, February & March, and April), and the last payment in March – for the following months (May, June, July and August).

Annual fee payment in single installment gets 1% discount, so do contact us.

(b) For the students joining LAIS ES in April: (Supplementary Admission Session)

Single payment of 335,570 yen is due in February – for the following five months (April, May, June, July & August), to be followed by the standard academic year payments as above (++A).

*3 Retention fee:100,000 yen (Non taxable) is required along with the first installment in August (for those joining in September) or February (for those joining in April). For those students joining the school mid term, this will be collected along with the first payment. This is a one-time payment during the stay at the School. Note that this amount will be repaid, after adjustment of all dues to school, when the student graduates or, when the student is withdrawn from the school or, when the student is expelled for disciplinary reasons.

*4 ELS (English Language Support) fees:For new students joining the school with limited English capability, an additional English Language Support (ELS) fee will be charged to help the student to cope up with the teaching. Contact us to learn more.

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